Every Picture Tells A Story

This has been a week for portraits.

This has been a week for portraits. Here is Frank’s son. Frank wanted a formal portrait of himself and his son to mark his 60th birthday and continue the run of family pictures going back over the generations. It was a very enjoyable shoot, and I was able to put into practice some of the things I had been thinking about since the Yerbury workshop.

JHI 7898 2ba

And this is Gordon, who is celebrating his 70th birthday this week. Again, he wanted a formal portrait – and I am really pleased with the way they turned out.

D3S 8926a

Finally, here are our previous neighbours who dropped in unexpectedly on Monday. It was great to see them and to be able to give them a copy of the photographs I had taken when they were leaving in ..... November. The cobbler's children are always the worst shod.

I love taking portraits, getting to know people, getting them to relax and bringing out the best in them for a photograph. When you get it right, it is so different from a quick snap – and so much more lasting.

Much excitement today as I await my new camera which is on its way – more in the next post.

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